Sehban Azim: The only thing I would like to change in TV is the competition around TRPs

A title resembles a window to what is the issue here and in the event that it is picked appropriately, it has a good effect feels Sehban Azim. The entertainer says that alongside the story, execution and show, the name Tujhse Hai Raabta is additionally one reason behind the show’s prosperity.

“At the point when the show began everybody resembled it is the title taken from the melody yet then now when individuals have been watching the show they know how it goes with the story. Love is one feeling that interfaces us everything except how we will feel it is extraordinary. Love is a blessing from God to us, it’s simply that we as a whole get our endowments in various occasions of our lives,” says the entertainer, who plays the lead in this Sonali and Amir Jaffar creation.

The show has been progressing nicely and Azim shares that he feels thrilled for the sort of praises that he has been showered with. “I have a rundown of them coming from various individuals throughout the previous three years, I feel thankful. Yet, the one that sticks out and made me enthusiastic is the point at which some said that ‘no one looks better compared to me wearing the ACP onscreen uniform’. Some additionally said that they discover Malhar’s character genuine and real. So yes I’m glad carrying on with the existence of Malhar Rane on screen,” he adds.

About his relationship with Full House Media, Azim starts by saying that it has been a superb excursion. “Cakewalk is the term that is really proper. Both Sonali ma’am and Amir sir are more than magnificent, coolest and the most arranged ones. I associated with Sonali mam when the show began and it required some investment to comprehend Amir sir as we didn’t have a lot of cooperation before all else. Yet, presently I would say they are an ideal group together,” he says.

Being a piece of the business for a long while now, the entertainer loves everything about this industry aside from the fixation around TRP. “The solitary thing I might want to change is the TRP situation. Despite the fact that my show has accumulated great TRPs still I feel it ought to be taken out totally as it squeezes everybody. The channel, makers, essayists, entertainers and surprisingly the substance of the story gets traded off at time just to dominate the TRP match,” says the entertainer before he proceeds to add about how the business has been advancing as far as moving toward the correct sort of substance, how it’s getting all the more genuine and relatable. In any case, he thinks the change is going on gradually.

“I’ve seen a ton of true to life shows as of late that seem as though fiction however they guarantee to be verifiable or reality. They add dramatization to an unscripted TV drama to acquire TRPs on the grounds that else it may get exhausting for the watchers. I’ve seen a ton of new shows with great potential getting chopped out without a reasonable opportunity to perform in light of the fact that they couldn’t provide food great TRP,” he adds.

Does he think the prominence of OTT has influenced television seeing? “No, I don’t view it as such. TV is excessively solid than one can might suspect,” adds Azim, who might have been a photographic artist if his acting didn’t turn out for him.

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