Rakhi Sawant discloses that her husband Ritesh is ready to marry her again & being offered a big reality show

Rakhi Sawant is a well known name in the entertainment world and she as of late went to the spotlight with her entrance in Bigg Supervisor 14 as a challenger. The entertainer first time opened up about her marriage and her supposed spouse Ritesh, on public TV at Bigg Manager’s home. The entertainer got passionate on the show as she discussed her better half who is living abroad. She additionally discussed his other marriage and a child he has from another lady. She said on the show that she merits better and sever her marriage with him. Yet, presently it appears to be the circumstance has changed as the entertainer discussed her union with Etimes television only.

Rakhi Sawant told that she is in contact with Ritesh and they routinely chat on video calls. She said that he is presently prepared to discuss his marriage with Rakhi before everybody. He has likewise proposed to wed her again before the media. She told that he is having some visa and lawful issues, which is making hindrances for him come to meet her.

Rakhi additionally reported that they have been offered a major unscripted TV drama together yet didn’t unveil the name. She said that the show producers are in chats with Ritesh for the show. She added that he is a tremendous money manager and coming to India for doing a show with her, will mean taking a break of three-four months.

Telling about her current status, she said that she is as yet his better half, however she isn’t sure legitimate or unlawful. She added that she is sitting tight for him to come and discuss their marriage. She had likewise requested that he come in media before yet he declined, saying she is extremely questionable. She likewise said that he needs to discuss his other marriage also.

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