Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar celebrate their first Gudi Padwa together

Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar are quite possibly the most discussed couples in TV town at the present time. With wedding chimes ringing soon, they are spotted together consistently. What’s more, today, on the event of the beginning of Marathi New Year, Rahul and Disha commended their first celebration together.

Rahul got discussing the merriments at home and proceeded to say how it a simple issue for them with getting up prior, doing the puja, and lifting the gudi at home. He additionally said how his mother rolls the best puranpolis consistently and that is a feature for him. The vocalist further uncovered during his meeting with The Hours of India how the disposition is better this year, notwithstanding, individuals don’t mingle a lot and things are consistently a serene undertaking, which is the reason it will not influence the festivals. He likewise added how the celebration is even more exceptional this year since he has Disha close by. He likewise referenced how it will likewise be another experience for Disha since she is a sardarni.

In the interim, Disha has additionally gotten a nath and a customary Maharashtrian nauvari from Rahul’s mom and keeping in mind that she thinks about the celebration, she has never commended it before. Disha uncovered what she looks like forward to becoming familiar with the celebration since her accomplice is a Maharashtrian. She additionally was a piece of the festivals on the arrangements of her last show Who Apna Sa, this is her first time. While Disha accepts she is a beginner cook, she desires to take in something from Rahul’s mom. She closed by wanting for a glad and sound life for them and their families while trusting that the Covid leaves soon!

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