Another new entry to take place in ‘Barrister Babu’

Tones’ Attorney Babu has been seeing a significant numerous exciting bends in the road of late where despite the fact that the show brings great numbers in general, it has been marginally on the drawback recently.

To keep the watchers stuck to the screens, the producers are arranging numerous turns which incorporate new sections too. As of late we announced about how entertainer Ojaswi Arora, who is most popular for her part in Kya Haal Mr. Panchaal has been roped in to assume the part of a Chachi in the show. We likewise detailed how the current track of the show rotates around Anirudh attempting to soak up the significance of training in Bondita. He needs her to zero in on her investigations and become a Lawyer as opposed to being caught in the standard customs of being a housewife.

Furthermore, presently, another new section will occur alongside Arora and it will be in the structure youngster entertainer Geet Jain. Jain will be seen playing the little girl of Arora’s character. How might her character be and if that will have any effect or connection to Bondita, we should sit back and watch.

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